• 2017 by Ast

    The 2017 year was good for me. It's the second year in a line where I fulfilled all my new year resolutions, which is inspiring. That's why I decided to write a bit about it. The year totally earned it :)

    The wedding

    The wedding

    I'm a married man now. I have such a beautiful wife! (and still can't fully believe that). But I don't see any changes inside me: I think I married her in my mind long before that, but it's great to have a real ceremony and to eat a real cake! :) The day before the wedding I fell from my bike and got a severe knee injury. I'll never forget dancing the waltz all in bandages like a mummy, with terrible pain and only one leg working fine, but it was worth all the efforts.


    This year was great for trips too.


    I was in Prague, meeting my new colleagues and drinking an enormous amount of Czech beer with them. Night Prague view from the high point was stunningly beautiful, but meeting such great people alive was far much an incredible experience.


    I visited the USA the second time; we made a colossal car journey with my wife and good friends through a variety of national parks and forests. Nature was fantastic and very mind refreshing. Never thought I would see my wallpaper view with my own eyes :) Americans did a great job preserving all these great riches from destruction. Also visited my dear friends Vasily and Emily in their new home in Colorado. Keep prospering, guys! (and visit us in Moscow one day!)


    We made a winter trip to Italy, riding Segways all around the Rome, eating pizza and walking along the picturesque Tiber river. We made a one day raid to Napoli, visiting Pompei.



    Despite the knee injury in August, I reached my sports goal: 10 squats with 150 kg barbell on my shoulders, precisely at the final training of the year. I need to set a new goal asap :) do you have any ideas?

    Work and home

    Work and home

    In February we moved into a new shiny apartment. It's such a fantastic thing to have more than one room in a flat. I finally was able to make a home office from the smaller room, where I can work without any distractions on my projects. It's also the first year I'm working as individual entrepreneur and entirely remote.

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