• Create custom prebid.js bidder adapter


    There are two ways to create a custom Prebid.js bidder adapter.

    Using “registerBidder” from bidder factory

    It is the recommended way and it is covered fairly well in the official docs here: How to Add a New Prebid.js Bidder Adapter. The process is straightforward and simple, so I don’t see much value in…

  • Simple Docker Based Deploy Solution

    We all love to automate things, right? So, you remember that lonely pet project of yours that you’ve been working on for a while now? It’s too small for a proper solution like k8s to seem reasonable, but you still want to deploy it somewhere and have it running. And you want to do it with a simple script, because you’re a lazy person just like me. Well, I have a solution for you!

  • Linear Regression

    "A large, worn-out chalkboard filled with a complex web of statistical formulas, equations, and graphs in various colors of chalk. A piece of chalk hovers mid-air, as if magically drawing a new line on the board, creating a dynamic representation of data analysis. Dust particles gently float around, catching the light that streams into the room, highlighting the chalkboard's significance --v 5 --ar 5:2 --q 2 --stylize 1000"

    Introduction to Linear Regression

    Linear regression is a fundamental statistical method used to study the relationship between two variables by fitting a straight line to a set of observed data points. This technique is widely used in machine learning and data analysis to make predictions and understand connections between variables.

    In this article, we’ll explore the basics of linear regression and implement a simple algorithm to predict house prices and classify whether an object is a cat. We’ll also discuss how to improve the algorithm’s performance using normalization and gradient descent.

  • Using Midjourney Presets

    a computer screen with code blocks of various shapes

    As developers we oftern need to boost our creativity. And what is a better way to do so than with some quality machine art? In my quest for inspiration, I stumbled upon the fantastic tool called Midjourney. It’s like a digital genie who can draw beautiful images for any of my projects or just for fun.

    But sometimes, repetitive tasks can be a real challenge.

  • Extending GPT possibilities

    AGI orchestra

    In the realm of artificial intelligence, two terms reign supreme now: LLM (Large Language Models) and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). Together, they represent the bleeding edge of AI’s potential to transform the digital landscape.

  • Eventful message parser

    robots working

    This technical blog post will examine a modular and efficient code designed to parse incoming text messages and generate events based on them. This flexible architecture can be easily extended for a variety of use cases. Let’s get started and explore the principles behind this code, why it is event-ful, and how it can help you stay on top of your messaging game!

  • How to prepare videos for iCloud

    Old video tapes in archive

    Recently, I switched to the Apple ecosystem of devices almost entirely and transitioned all my data into iCloud for ease of usage. The main issue I encountered was that not all popular video formats are supported. It could have been a better experience moving years of photos and videos to the service. (But it’s not, haha!)

  • A new start (again!)

    Actually a dawn, but think of it as of a sunset. Anyway, it's gorgeous!

    The past few years have been a tough time for me. I was in a deep life crisis and was no longer willing to work on my website. It was always a hobby without commercial or social use, a tiny factory for regular bills. I was in debt then, so I killed it without a second thought or regrets. But as time passed, I realized I needed a place to call my home online. But it was just a thought in my mind until today. Because today I saw my good old domain on sale and decided to get it back immediately.

  • How to use git strategies

    pai sho

    Git rebasing is a helpful tool that allows developers to integrate changes from one branch into another in a cleaner and more streamlined way than merging. One of the main advantages is that it can help keep the Git history more organized and easier to follow. By replaying the changes from the feature branch onto the main branch, Git can create a linear history that shows the progression of the code over time in a more straightforward manner.

  • Using redux-form validation with redux-saga

    5ade20d8413bapexels photo 860379

    If you work with redux apps a lot, you definitely heard about the redux-form package, because working with forms without it is a pain. If not, you should know it simplifies form creation a lot. Even the complex multi-step forms with nested fields could be implemented almost effortlessly using it. The API of the package was recently revamped and it’s super fun to use now, but it’s also pretty big and you definitely can use some hints on it! :) 

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